Sunday, November 29, 2015

McGarity's way, the power play

As I try to put some thoughts and words together to honor the end of an era, I keep coming back to this moment of complete douchebaggery that was made public today:
This is the man we're trusting to find our next coach. And now that the cat's out of that bag, what coach would want to work for this asshat? If he treats his long-tenured head coach like this, unless your only offer is to replace Richt, why not look elsewhere?

This may be a quick search. Most tend to agree that McGarity had to have a plan in place before he fired Richt. If we don't know soon who the next coach is, things have backfired on our bean counting, dipshit of an Athletic Director and things will start to spiral into back up plans.

Like Coach Inman said, I'm not worried about Coach Richt. I'm worried about Georgia football.