Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday's thoughts on Georgia Southern

A day late and a dollar short, but...

- The Eagles were exactly who we thought they were. Those that thought Georgia would pull away and cover either underestimated GSU harshly or have a lot more faith in Schottenheimer than I do. (And maybe his boss as well...hmmm...)
- What a great game for our defense though. My Eagle friends were explaining to us at the tailgate how their offense is a little different than what we see from Tech. Hard argue that this wasn't a good "tune-up" for Clean Old Fashioned Hate, but glad Pruitt's guys didn't treat it that way.
- They also said that Ellison is pretty banged up after a season of wear and tear. So when GSU put Upshaw in they took some shots down field to loosen things up. I thought they had as much momentum late in the game and in overtime as we could claim. If Fritz had decided to play overtime conservative, no telling how things would have played out. They were trusting a kicker who hasn't been on the job that long. And Marshall had already missed one and banked in an extra point.
- Was especially worried when Trent Thompson didn't trot out there, but Mayes had a whale of a game in the middle. Our linebackers were free to roam most of the night and as a result we were able to hold Breida to a season low in yards.
- All in all, a decent game for Lambert. If he hits some open receivers it's probably a little easier to breath towards the end.
- Michel carries the load again. Marshall still not healthy evidently and Douglas only had two carries. If Marshall is limited at all this week I hope we use McKenzie more on those sweeps.
- Speaking of which, can that little guy throw the ball?

It was a great game. Great way for the seniors to go out and a fine evening to be in Sanford to close out the home schedule. Let's eat some turkey, get to Atlanta and then remind Tech why we own their ass.

Go Dawgs!

Picture of the night right there.