Sunday, November 29, 2015

The deafening silence from Butts-Mehre

Watching the post-game after LSU's win - Les singing before finishing his interview, carried off the field, and then using his press conference as a big ol' "take that chumps" - I could only think about what Butts-Mehre is thinking. Hours later, still no vote of confidence and nary a pink slip.

The coaches will hit the recruiting road soon. Sure would be nice to have something said. Something.

Don't get me wrong. Joe Alleva handled this week about as poorly as an athletic director could. But he and the boosters with knives in their hands knew when it was (finally) time to put them down and allow Miles to enjoy the moment and continue to run the football program.

Seems to me like Richt deserves that much, at a minimum. He just beat Tech for the 13th time in his 15 year career. As MaconDawg pointed out, that's as many times as Tech has won the game in my lifetime.

Don't let the cloud linger through the bowl season. Put on your big boy pants and step in with your alternate plan, or pat Richt on the back and give him a vote of confidence his recruits can have faith in.