Friday, November 13, 2015

the Friday Misery is missing and Coach Dye may be implicated

Sometimes the Internet can be a magnificent thing. At other times it can take your 750 words, shove them in some mysterious cyber dumpster, and leave no traces of where your magnificent prose is.

In over seven years of blogging, I’ve only lost one post. Until yesterday. So, now there’s two out there somewhere and there will be no regular post today. Sure, we could sit here for a few hours and speculate about whether Cam Newton stole it and then threw it out of a dorm window, or whether Pat Dye mentions the post’s whereabouts in the Eric Ramsey tapes.

I don’t know. Maybe. I’m just tired of looking and wondering and fretting and stressing. If you need firing up, watch this YouTuber from Crazy Uncle Lou. He sent it to me the other day and I think it captures the basic essence of what we usually do here on Fridays.

Hey, let’s bat that shit down and beat Auburn this weekend. Go Dawgs!