Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Coaching rumors, episode three

So that Atlanta paper reported last night what we all knew anyway; "barring last minute snags" is the equivalent of saying there is still much that is fluid, but the two sides agree and would like to move forward with more pressing business. For one side that is the SECCG, for the other it is waiting for that to be over.

The assistants being retained is still foggy.

  • It seems to me (as I alluded to yesterday) that the UGA admin have relented on its desire to pack up Pruitt's office. However, it's important to remember that it's a two way street. It's not a foregone conclusion that he wants to stay. Although I find it hard to believe South Carolina would give Pruitt more than a casual glance, I can believe Pruitt is as tired of McGarity as McGarity is of him.
  • Muschamp also appears 50/50, as I could see South Carolina looking seriously at him.
  • I've read conflicting reports on Rocker. I'd love to have him stay (and my wife would really like him to stay). But like Pruitt, he's a guy that is going to get some other interest.
  • Thomas Brown appears safe to stay. I would imagine the other offensive positions (namely longtime assistants McClendon and Lilly) would depend on the coordinator hire there.
  • Which seems to be zeroing in on Western Kentucky's Ty Helton. If that rumor sticks we'll look more at him tomorrow.
  • The sexiest rumor appears to be that Alabama S&C coordinator Scott Cochran is coming with Smart. If you recall from the 2010 flirtations, these two are very close. So it's not surprising that Smart would want to poach his friend from Saban's staff. But I would expect the Alabama head guy to put up a fight. Cochran is the blood that pumps through that program.
Personally, I would hope some (or all) of this has been ironed out behind the scenes since we have so many coaches out on the road recruiting. That can get awkward, especially when some of those guys are being tied to other openings.

As the Butts-Mehre turns....