Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Coaching rumors, episode two

Had planned to look at Herman today. But that ship has been tethered closer to Houston. And really, truly, this is all about Kirby Smart.

Reading the tea leaves a little more closely, Pruitt, Rocker, and others joined Thomas Brown and Bryan McLendon on the recruiting trail yesterday afternoon. Our defensive coordinator appears to have been a sticking point for Smart and UGA. Again, that's just the way I'm reading things. But suddenly Pruitt leaves to recruit just after Herman agrees in principle with Houston and just before news of Muschamp and South Carolina getting cozier grains national attention.

Pruitt and McGarity don't get along. Hell, sounds like my dear, sweet grandmother Rosalie might not have enjoyed spending time with Jeremy Pruitt. But if you've fired the most successful coach in the program's history just to put all your eggs in Kirby's basket, you better find a way to iron some shit out.

So yeh, my best guess is we'll have something definitive in the hours after the SECCG. And perhaps by then we might even have a better idea of other assistants coming with Smart. Sure, there's always a chance this turns sideways. I mean, it was our own athletic director who couldn't answer the simple question yesterday of who was on the road recruiting. So UGA can definitely screw this up. But it certainly appears as if Smart is satisfied with the details and UGA is all in on bringing him home.