Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Coaching rumors, final episode

Last week was my first time here at the blog in terms of a head coaching search. But I’ve written through many, many assistant searches. And this one is different than those others in that information is extremely hard to come by. So, I’m going to sit back and wait while hoping that the coordinator hires come fairly quickly.

Here’s some other thoughts:
  • More and more it is looking like Thomas Brown will be the only holdover for Smart’s staff. (They’re pictured together here visiting with a top defensive back target in Chad Clay.) Just sounds like those we thought might stay are looking elsewhere. It’s going to upset the wife especially that Rocker is leaving. And McClendon and Lilly have been here a long time. Hope they get a proper send off at the bowl game.
  • They’ll be missed. But, as I’ve said before, we want Smart to get his guys. He’s been waiting for this.
  • I still expect S&C badass Scott Cochran to end up following his friend to Athens. It’ll take a fight to get him. But I would expect Smart and UGA to be ready to drop the gloves and pay the man. Cochran coming to Athens would significantly help Smart’s transition here.
  • Back to the coordinators, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone come out of left field. For all the talk about Kirby not having any experience as a head coach, he’s been around enough places and enough years that he’s met plenty of folks. I bet he knows what he wants as an offense just as much as he does on his side of the ball.
  • Some chatter yesterday about Alabama linebacker coach Tosh Lupoi coming to Athens. Here’s some more information on who he is from Roll Bama Roll. The short of it, another former grad assistant that became a position coach. Oh, and also a stud on the recruiting trails.

So, we wait and see. I’ll update if we start to hear something substantiative. Until then, Go Dawgs!