Monday, December 7, 2015

Coaching rumors, "The Smart Way"

One thing is definite, player development and defensive guru is joining new head coach Kirby Smart in Athens.
All indications are that strength coach Scott Cochran will do the same. Some other tidbits:

  • Whether Tracy Rocker is retained is probably up to the defensive coordinator hire, as some say he's definitely staying and some say he's definitely going.
  • As for who the defensive coordinator will be, Tyson Summers, currently serving in that role for Mike Bobo at Colorado State, is gaining some traction
  • On the offensive side, it's as clear as mud. I watched most of the Western Kentucky game Saturday to get a look at the play calling of Tyson Helton, who had entered the weekend as one of the hottest names. My impressions were mixed. A lot of boundary to boundary passes and jet sweeps early on seemed to bog the offense down into punting situations. But once the Hilltoppers started throwing and running downfield things seemed to open up. And the red zone play calling I thought was pretty imaginative.
  • Whoever Smart taps here, I would expect things to develop quickly. He has a press conference today to be officially introduced (at a secret location!!) and then he hops on a plane to go meet Jacob Eason. He's going to want to have some clear answers for the top prospect when he walks in that door.
  • Remember, the Easons are coming to Athens this weekend for the Gala. I'm sure they'd love to have some face to face time with the new coordinator on that official visit.
  • Back to Smart, I'm sure his goal is to at least have the coordinators set before he heads back to Tuscaloosa next week, at a minimum. But, this isn't something he's going to rush into just to fill in his staff. He's waited a long time for this and I'm sure he's developed a list of people he respects in the field.
It's an exciting time. I know a lot of people are on edge as far as Eason after he visited Gainesville last week. But to be honest, I'm not worried. Things would have to really go south quickly for the relationship to sour enough for him to back out. Smart is an excellent recruiter. He's going to sell his vision to the Easons tonight and reassure them that Jacob's best interests are of the utmost importance to the new staff, even as it evolves. The Clevelands were impressed yesterday. Smart knows what he's selling. Even if it's different for Jacob without Bobo and now Richt in Athens, the new guy will close the deal.