Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eason high fives DawgNation!!

With some serious Top Gun bravado yo!

Yes. He's re-re-re-committed y'all! All the feels! Let's hit the interwebs for some reaction.

When emotions take control over your limbs.

And YOU get a quarterback!! And YOU get a quarterback!!

Dawgventers gettin' crunk!

Coeds dig the quarterbacks man!

Down in Gainesville, McIlwain discusses with his staff
why the UF girls aren't as pretty.

Meanwhile, on the way back to Tuscaloosa, Coach 
Smart stops off for some ribs.

#ugatwitter feeling the joy

All the recruiting websites that wanted As Jacob
Eason Turns to draw out another few days weeks months.

New offensive coordinator Jim Chaney

Meanwhile, on his way back to 3rd period. Eason pauses 
to give the crowd one more look.