Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SEC "fans" sleeping with the enemy

Tonight the SEC bowl season begins. So it's time for my yearly post on why it's idiotic to root/cheer/hope other SEC teams win their bowl games (or any game for that matter).

And I'd like to start with this:
If Alabama wins a national championship on Jan. 11, it helps Georgia. No, really, it does — at least according to Kirby Smart.
Smart, the Bulldogs' new coach and outgoing Crimson Tide defensive coordinator, is currently juggling both jobs. And he knows the best recruiting pitch and publicity he can use for Georgia right now involves earning another championship ring. Even if doing both jobs at once is cutting into his sleep time, and sanity.
"Obviously it's a challenge," Smart said at a pre-Cotton Bowl semifinal media availability on Monday. "It's a time-management challenge. There's only 24 hours in a day. There's only so much you can do each day. And once you accept that and know that you've got to focus on the task at hand – which the task at hand is to get ready for Michigan State – that's what we're focused on here."
Let me be frank...that's all bullshit. No, I'm not against Kirby finishing the season with his now former team. I applaud that just the way I do for Bryan McClendon. And Smart is being truthful about the whole awkwardness when he approaches it from the angle of honoring a commitment to his players.

But Bama winning Thursday does nothing for Georgia. LSU winning tonight does nothing for Georgia. South Carolina winning their bowl game does nothing for Georgia. Tennessee and Florida winning their bowl game does absolutely nothing to help Georgia.

Sure, will I get some measure of satisfaction if LSU wins tonight? Probably, as I need some real help in my bowl pool. But that's really small potatoes and I'm already losing to my wife anyway.

But don't let my logic and superior reasoning get in your way. Go on and fall head first into those ESPN segments where they put the conference records up against each other and pretend like that means something. Be a lemming while you sip your conference kool-aid.

Meanwhile I'll be perfectly happy if the SEC goes 1-9 this bowl season, as long as the one win comes at Penn State's expense.