Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sixth Annual Bowl Pool - The Feats of Strength

Previously known as #Festivus4TheDawgNus, this bowl pool is the only one you'll find that is brave enough to drag the Festivus Pole out of the crawl space and cheers uncontrollably at the sight of Sony's Jazz Hands.

For you lifers, sorry about the name change. As I set it up, ESPN told me the name for that group had already been taken. Personally, I suspect the title may have been intercepted. But that's just me in my 2015 dark place talking.

Enough of the melodrama, here's the deets: click the link below and enter the password, create your entry as well as your entry's name; the bowl selection is "straight", so you're only picking winners (no spread and no confidence points to negotiate); feel free to share the link (preferably through this blog post, or look for the tweet and/or bookface posts. Then just sit back and watch how badly I beat everyone!!

PASSWORD = thehumanfund

If you're unfamiliar with the celebration of Festivus you are still allowed to enter my bowl pool. But you first must watch "The Strike" episode in its entirety (check your listings for TBS "Seinfeld" reruns) or simply use his clip to get you started.