Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is bowl game a test for Sherrer at DC?

Rumors that there might be more coaching news coming in the very near future. Maybe as soon as today. 

I’m expecting Sherrer and Rocker to be retained. Not sure if an official defensive coordinator promotion will be made public, but I could see the bowl game serving as a hands on interview for Sherrer. He and Smart have worked together and I think he'd be a good fit on the new head coach's staff from what I've read. And if I'm right about this then Rocker should be held onto as well.

That's just a mixture of tea leaves, rumors, and hopeful prognostications. Enjoy!

Related; take a look at Groo’s post on the staff turnover and transitions. He has a nice chart put together for your eyes to make some sense of things.

Here’s what I don’t understand. (And I apologize for not having a link to this, but yesterday was pretty busy and I just saw it on twitter as I scrolled quickly for some news.) Why was Glenn Schumann in Tuscaloosa yesterday? Jim Chaney and Sam Pittman observed practice in Athens. Why couldn’t Kirby’s lone defensive hire thus far do the same?

That one question is a reminder of just how awkward coaching transitions can be, which Groo’s post alludes to in detail. I’m reminding myself daily that this is something Kirby Smart has been waiting for awhile. In my mind, he can take as much time as he needs to get the right hires in place.

But you can concoct a scenario where we have current assistants who are in flux, coaching our current team, while being rumored to be heading elsewhere next year.

That makes for messy bowl practices and messy recruiting. Albeit during the dead period, but still messy. And Smart's old boss seems to agree.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Eason high fives DawgNation!!

With some serious Top Gun bravado yo!

Yes. He's re-re-re-committed y'all! All the feels! Let's hit the interwebs for some reaction.

When emotions take control over your limbs.

And YOU get a quarterback!! And YOU get a quarterback!!

Dawgventers gettin' crunk!

Coeds dig the quarterbacks man!

Down in Gainesville, McIlwain discusses with his staff
why the UF girls aren't as pretty.

Meanwhile, on the way back to Tuscaloosa, Coach 
Smart stops off for some ribs.

#ugatwitter feeling the joy

All the recruiting websites that wanted As Jacob
Eason Turns to draw out another few days weeks months.

New offensive coordinator Jim Chaney

Meanwhile, on his way back to 3rd period. Eason pauses 
to give the crowd one more look.

Monday, December 14, 2015

About Jim Chaney, and also Sam Pittman

I’ve heard for years from people outside of Athens that Georgia fans feel entitled to win. I’ve never been sure how I felt about that sentiment. But the knee jerk reactions to the Jim Chaney hire help me understand that viewpoint a little easier. Did people really think that Kirby Smart would just read the Dawgvent or Twitter for his list of candidates?

Is bringing the long term assistant a bit underwhelming? Sure. I guess. But what did we really expect? It’s situations like these - where we have days to watch plane logs and ruminate and pontificate and speculate - that make it easy to lose perspective. I think Smart wanted Enos and when that didn’t happen, he zeroed in on his next couple choices.

Chaney’s offenses may not jump to the forefront when you’ve been doing nothing but reading the rumor mill for a week. But I come back around to these two points:
1) The addition of Sam Pittman makes the Chaney hire much easier to understand. Georgia is about to get much bigger and more physical along the offensive front. These two coaches have worked well together at Tennessee briefly and then especially at Arkansas. They’ll do much greater things than Schottenheimer and Sale were (not) able to do this past season.
2) Everyone that is so quick to point to Pittsburgh being ranked just below Georgia in total offense this season...well, they have a point. But Chaney also has a track record for getting the most out of his players at key times. Jonathan Crompton comes to mind (all too easily). And so does Arkansas’ two 1000 yard rushers in 2014.

And you know, next season he’s going to have his hands full breaking in a young quarterback (most likely) while getting the most he can out of his backfield. In that frame, the Chaney hire makes perfect sense to me.

About Jacob Eason

Why are people worried? It's Athens going up against Gainesville. C'mon.

And if you need any more reassurance than what dan and Radi got out of Ben Cleveland, I just can't help you.

"Oh yeah, there were tons of females just following him around ALL NIGHT LONG. It must be nice to be a quarterback. Lineman don't get that kind of love. I thought it was funny. I was just laughing how all these girls were dying to talk to him and drooling all over him. I'd never seen anything like it."