Friday, April 15, 2016

GDay: Questions. Answers?

Stating the obvious, this spring game has a different feel. A buzz is in the air and I expect a record crowd tomorrow in Athens. Most everyone will try to crowd into Sanford for a glimpse at the rapper that bailed McG out, the pigskin slinger that should be at his prom in the northwest territories, and the coach that Mama called to come home.

Other than those new, shiny things, this will eventually be like any other spring game that provides more questions than actual answers. Unless Lambert takes a shotgun snap on first down and punts it into the Hedges while Ramsey wrestles Hairy in the northeast corner of the endzone, and Eason goes 10/12 for 250+ and a bomb to Godwin to win the game, we're not going to know who the starting quarterback against UNC will be until we hit Atlanta. (Pssstt, it'll be Eason...)

But, that doesn't mean there isn't much to glean from what we see tomorrow. Here's some things I'll be looking forward to observing on the field...
  • Quarterbacks. Specifically how much of Chaney's playbook each one seems to carry into the huddle.
  • Tight Ends. Do we have any on the roster this year?
  • Defensive Ends. Barnett was making moves before a sprained knee slowed his rise in the depth chart. Rochester looked to be a worthy beneficiary until WalMart sold him a BB gun. Considering Rivers is suspended for the first three games, who steps up? 
  • Running Back. Chubb is making inhuman strides, but we won't see him play tomorrow. We know what we have in Michel, so it will be interesting to see how Douglas and the younger ones pick up yards...and blitzes. (Pssstt, Crowder's number is 30.)
  • The coaches. Past GDays have been a relatively laid back affair. I'm expecting more intensity to trickle down from the top tomorrow. You don't urge the fans to fill the stadium for a glorified scrimmage without wanting to give them reason to stand up and get loud.
And most importantly (to me at least), offensive line play. Catalina gets here this summer to add some depth. Is Ben Cleveland game ready? Have last years starters bulked up? Do we at least look like we can develop some quality depth heading into the Fall?

If you're heading into town, have a great day in Athens. It's always nice to see the campus in the spring time, especially when you can also hear the crack of the pads 'tween the hedges!

Go Dawgs!