Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Fancy that, the Marching Band playing at halftime. We can argue about the pros and cons I guess. I'm not sure what the excitement was about for someone playing a couple songs at halftime in a stadium. It's not like my daughters would be able to even see that it was actually the Spice Girls (or insert whatever musical act gets your kids' toes a tappin') on stage. I'm fine listening to the Redcoats or whatever Beastie Boys songs ol' McGarity wants to play over the PA.

And that leads me to the truly sad part. Why did Greg allow this to get so out of control? Why mention the possibility if you don't have Chris Stapleton or Sturgill Simpson in your pocket already?

Because now:
  1. you look like an idiot, again.
  2. the fanbase is at least a little less excited about attending.
  3. the University's own band members will work hard to entertain whoever does show up and will just be looked at as second helpings.
And perhaps most importantly, there's at least an appearance that the administration is not as engaged in the idea of going in at all costs. In other words, #93KDay has lost some pizzazz. And that lies at the feet of the dudes in the suits, not the ones with the whistles.