Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"You'll shoot your eye out kid!"

So news broke of Julian Rochester and Chad Clay getting arrested on felony counts of having a weapon in a school zone and criminal damage to property, and we immediately wonder how Smart's Law Enforcement Jimmy Williamson Appreciation Day went so wrong.

But UGA emailed the press shortly after mentioning that it was a BB gun the two freshmen were toying with that lead to the trouble.

My first thought, did I ever have a BB gun while matriculating in Athens? Too long ago to remember. But connecting the dots in this story I'm sure if I did have one I never used it to shoot at something in between study sessions for Poli Sci 101.

My second thought leads to punishment. Smart said that details are still emerging. But you can expect Tracy Rocker is more than fed up about his defensive linemen getting into trouble. Hell, he may go so far as to make Rochester wear Aunt Clara's bunny suit on the sidelines against North Carolina.

Julian reflects on his Red Ryder
carbine-action, 200 shot, range model air
rifle with the compass in the stock.