Thursday, August 25, 2016

Around the Tailgate - Which game do you want the most?

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Sic'em Kirby Smart
Sic'em Kirby Smart

There’s a Coach Smart answer to this question to make sure the team is focused on the next Saturday, and then there’s being truthful with yourself and which team you want to beat more than the others. Much more.
Yesterday we talked about the signal callers. On today’s Around the Tailgate, let’s see who is channeling their inner-Kirby and who can’t wait to gator hate!
Kirby Smart just calls you out of the blue and says to give him the one game on the schedule to circle, the one you want more than any other. (If you choose Nicholls State I'm going to need your answer as a 50K word dissertation.)
Namaman:  I am pretty sure this is a trick question, because if Kirby calls me and asks that question, he is expecting me to say THE NEXT ONE.  So I will... UNC baby. A prime-time showdown with ACC vs. SEC with us having a lot to prove once again.  (Then it will be Nicholls St...#JustSayin)
Robert: For as long as I can remember, it seems like the Florida game either puts UGA in the driver seat, eliminates UGA, or places UGA back in the race for the SEC East and a trip to Atlanta. It will likely be that way in 2016, and for that reason I would circle the Florida game.
Joe Waterloo: As much as I hate that nasty orange in Knoxville Florida is the one I want the most.  When I made the trip from up north to become a Dawg it was was Ray Goff's 1st season as head coach.  Florida has owned every coach I've known at UGA and while winning year one under Kirby may not change that it at least gives me 365 days of knowing what it feels like to at the top of the totem pole.
The Wrangler: You know how bad I want to say FL since we have wet the bed against them the last few years, but I am going with North Carolina.  With a new coaching regime and possibly a new QB, this team needs to get a big time win early to build confidence for the rest of the season.  With road games at Mizzou, Ole Miss, and USCe in the first half of the season, it is critical that this team hits its stride early.  Ole Miss is ranked 11th  and UT 9th in the AP preseason polls, and we will have to tackle both of them before going to the Cocktail Party.  Confidence and execution will be key, and it needs to start on September 3rd in the GA Dome.
Smokewagon: That is always a tough question.  I start off thinking like a coach and say that the next game is the most important.    The UNC game will be important for many reasons.  Kicking off the new era of Georgia football for the staff, the team, and the fans will be key.  Losing that game will be a major setback for the outlook on the season.  If we are going to be in contention for anything, the Tennessee game is likely the most important game…… certainly don’t need vol fans getting used to a winning streak again.  Of course no win is sweeter than a win in Jacksonville and no loss hurts worse than a Tech loss.  If I have to pick one game that I want to win more than any other this season, it would be the SEC championship game….. but I am thinking you meant the regular season.  Tennessee is probably the correct answer, but I don’t want to start out 0-2 against McElwain.  Florida is my final answer!
For me the answer is always Florida, until the week of Thanksgiving. But I have to's gonna be sweet seeing Chubb run for 250 over those HillBillies and watching Butch's bricks turning to dust 'tween the hedges.
Then again, like Joe said I can't help but hope Smart starts his WLOCP series as a head coach with a win in Jacksonville. And to do that he's going to need some players to step up with a tight chinstrap. So to wrap up this series, tomorrow we talk about which relatively unknown player will be at the front of the DawgNation's collective brain come season's end. Come on back tomorrow and let us know who your break out player is.
Go Dawgs y'all!