Monday, September 19, 2016

Chip has the new lede

After reading Towers' hissy fitted response to getting shut down in today's press conference with Coach Smart, I can safely assume he doesn't read my blog.

Because myself along with about every other person with any sense of predictive power could see this coming before Kirby Smart was even officially introduced. Here's what I said in January:
This came up last week after the national championship game as it looks like there will be minimal access to players and some coaches/staff. Not a surprising development considering this is what is comfortable to Coach Smart being under Saban for so long. But it’s going to drastically change the way in which those who cover UGA football develop stories as well as how the rest of us read them.

As a fan, I applaud it. Mostly because Smart should keep with what is comfortable while he makes this transition. Whether it’s due to less distractions and increased focus, or not having certain news leak out, or if it’s just a part of the process, if it helps us win one more game each season that’s cool with me.
So the only thing for the average fan to wonder was what the media guys would do to adjust in a world where demand for instant access only increases every day. According to Mr. Towers it's going to be conniption fits about lack of access to players that are impacting the season.
For instance, Todd Gurley wasn’t available in the preseason of 2012, when we started hearing a lot of buzz about the young back from Tarboro. But Gurley was available at the end of the season opener that year against Buffalo when he returned the opening kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown.
Same thing with Terry Godwin last season. The freshman wide receiver showed up for postgame interviews only after he played in games when his presence made an impact. I think we finally heard from “Little T” after he had big game against Kentucky last fall. And he was there again after earning MVP honors in the Bowl.
Guess we have our answer. Joy.

More importantly, I just don't get the outrage when we knew this was coming as soon as UGA fired a coach bringing in winning seasons aplenty. The bar was set higher and with that comes changes. Lots of them.

As a fan I put on my big boy britches and resolved to hold Smart and everyone with control in Butts-Mehre accountable. If the coaches don't clear the bar then more changes should be coming.

Maybe that's what Towers believes he is doing - holding Smart accountable. I'm certainly no journalist, and I don't envy the position these new procedures put them in, but it seems to me Towers' tantrum would be better suited to post after a loss.

Last I checked Georgia is undefeated. So as far as I'm concerned Smart can duct tape Eason's mouth shut and sit him on a Butts-Mehre stool to stare blankly at the AJC's iPhones and notepads. After all, that's probably what a Major would do to his Private First Class if he were forced to let his underlings placate the media.