Monday, September 26, 2016

"No, we're actually better than I thought we'd be."

That's what I said to myself last night when I went back and looked at my preseason run through the schedule.
That means we are 2-1 (or maybe even 3-0) and feeling pretty good heading into Oxford. By now we should have a steady hand at quarterback. I’d be surprised if Eason isn’t the clear #1 at this point and the defensive roster should be bolstered somewhat given that the youth up front is a little more seasoned as well as the possible return of a couple athletic linemen in Jonathan Ledbetter and Julian Rochester.
To beat the Rebels (or whatever they are calling themselves this season) on the road after travelling all the way to Missouri for a night game the week before would be a big upset. But right now it looks like a tall task. I’d like to see this as another 11:00am local kick. That helped us in 2011 the last time we played in Oxford. You have to think this is the third best SEC matchup that weekend for television. Florida-Tenn will certainly get the prime spot and LSU-Auburn next. Which probably puts this one as an ESPN2 night game or an SECN 4:00pm kickoff.
We’ll see, but at best I see Georgia 3-1 and likely 2-2 heading into a major showdown against Tennessee at home the next week. This one is going to be a major tilt and is sure to be under the lights after a full tailgate! The Volunteers will be coming off a home game against Florida. At worst they should be 3-1 and if they can manage not to wet the bed again against the Gators they should come into Athens undefeated.
So that sounds about right. And while that may not make us feel better about the underlying issues that have been exposed the last three games, it does at least remind me that I knew we weren't going to be world beaters last month and that the sky isn't falling this morning.

The number one thing the coaches need to ask themselves is why they aren't communicating effectively, which has been apparent since halftime of the Nicholls game.

The number one thing the players need to ask themselves is are they are doing everything they can to get better.

The number one thing the fans need to ask themselves is have they done everything they can to hate Tennessee even more today.