Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pulling Catalina

I find myself continually baffled by how we can go from this in the opener...

...to barely getting 100 yards total against Missouri. And yes, I get that we threw more Saturday night because it was what was working. But even when Chaney came back to the run there was zero ingenuity nor imagination in the sets used and the direction we tried to run the ball.

Against Nicholls there was a feeling that portions of the playbook needed to be protected. On the road in the SEC opener, not so much. Right?

I've watched that toss sweep up there until my eyes cross. Chubb has to be patient for Catalina pulling out, and even with Payne clearing downfield he has to break three arm tackles to get into open space. But that play will work against anybody we play. 

Remember, UNC knew that play was coming and they still couldn't stop it. Surely it could've managed a few yards here and there last Saturday.

Anyway, this Ole Miss defense is fast and aggressive. We're going to need to meet that with some inventive plays and a hard-nosed attitude.