Saturday, September 24, 2016

Three keys to a win in Oxford

Tall order today. Look for the coaches to try and set the tone for the players with aggressive game management and play calling.
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  1. Kirby should take some risks on field possession decisions when faced with fourth and manageable yardage around midfield and certainly deeper into their territory. And when in field goal range develop a mentality that three point tries probably aren’t going to help you beat a high scoring offense like the Rebels’. (Until maybe late in the game if it’s close, then Lord have mercy let’s kick that thing through the upright fellas!)
  2. Quick pass options for Eason to try and slow down their pass rush. Another tough day in the trenches this week against this Ole Miss defense. So Chaney has to help his offensive line out with some quick throws and screen plays to slow down their pass rush.
  3. Blitz early and then also often as long as it’s effective. Kelly is probably the most talented quarterback we’ll see, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his faults. The more he has to think and the less comfortable he is the better.

In short, I’m looking for Smart and his staff to show the players that their all in on winning this thing. This is the toughest test of the season thus far. Don’t just wait on the game to settle in. Go out there swinging and let’s give them our best shot.

Go Dawgs!

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PS - After taking in yesterday's Misery, Nama just texted me this video from the 2011 game. I'll try and embed it later this morning after I've had a Bloody Mary or three. Great times!