Monday, October 17, 2016

Remember. We're now "those" fans. Act like it.

Just as we're beyond tired of the ill-gotten 2007 Alabama analogy, I'm also tired of one other talking point that I'm hearing a lot this season, but especially after Saturday's loss.

But first I want to say that losing to Vanderbilt at home in no way completely sours my view of the program's direction. I believe the change we made last December, while it may not have come due in my eyes at the time, was what was best for all involved. Kirby can get us there, but we knew it wasn't going to happen overnight.

That said, since we made the change, using phrases like "Calm down, it's going to take some time" or "Hey, Kirby just needs some more players" is way off the mark.

Once we said ten wins wasn't good enough we became that program. We became the fans that expect to win each and every Saturday. So losing to Vanderbilt does not and should not evoke a sense of calm. Mostly because even though Kirby may not have all the players he needs to get us to Atlanta, he certainly has enough of them to win that game Saturday.

Many are expecting to lose to Florida. I get that. Losing three of the last four games will do that to you. But it's not in my makeup and I doubt it's the kind of mindset that a true championship program would tolerate much.

The bar has been set high and we need to get used to seeing it up there above our fingers yet still desperately reaching to grasp a hold. Kirby knew this when he took the job and he'd probably be the first to tell you that the time is now. It's Attack the Day not Get ready to attack in another couple years...hopefully.

In short, we're still a winning program that aspires to be a championship program. The difference is that ten months ago we pushed all our chips to the center of the table. So it's a new era. We need to start acting like it.