Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Thoughts on being seated on the short bus

Yes, the play call on 4th and short where we ignore the fact that we have the nation's best running back and toss it to the smallest kid in D1 football...that sucked.

But that's not what lost us that game.

Wow! We found new and exciting ways to get penalized! Ways I've never even heard of before!

But that's not why we can't stop gnashing our teeth.

Yes, giving up three billion yards on that screen pass on their last drive was as frustrating a play as I've ever witnessed.

But that's not what made us lose to Vanderbilt on Homecoming.

Yes, unimaginably giving precious seconds, no minutes, back in time management absolute brain farts was indescribably idiotic.

But that's not why we kicked ourselves in the balls yesterday for 60 minutes of a tackle football game with Vanderbilt University only to lose by one point.

Special. Teams.

We went into Sanford yesterday having been told that the 'Dores were as bad if not worse than we were in special teams.

And Lawd Have Mercy did we prove we're the worst there! Sure, we have found ourselves a placekicker as Rodrigo was most certainly a player of the game for us. But we can't cover kicks...we can't cover punts...we can't use half a brain and let the ball go out of bounds on a kickoff and instead decide to let the offense start on our own 2 yard line...we can't do anything special or even remotely close to Beamer Ball.

Shane Beamer can't even spell Beamer Ball.

Special Teams is why we lost yesterday. The defense gave up 171 yards, two and a half of which came on Vandy's first scoring "drive" thanks wholeheartedly guessed it! Special Teams!

Yes, kids. This is what it feels like to lose to Vandy. At home. On Homecoming.

It's ugly and it pits our own fans against each other because we're all just so goddamn miserable. But what matters now is Jacksonville. What matters now is washing that stink off our backs and learning how to cover a damn kickoff. What matters now is recognizing that when the game is on the line the goddamn football needs to be in 27's hands.

Jesus. It's not rocket surgery and yes I know a coaching change comes with its inherent growing pains. But Holy Hell, did Chubb really fight all the way back from the most devastating knee injury I've ever seen to watch 16 get dragged down to the turf like a rag doll a full yard short?

Players play and coaches coach. Draw a line in the sand and let's play some damn football!