Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday thoughts on four seconds short

If you're coming here for a pity party or to look for blame, keep clicking amigo. I'm pretty okay all things considered.

Because on a day when the referees brought their C- game, the team's best player only played one snap, and a team with vastly more experience was down and out against our young pups...I can only see sunshine this morning.

But dear God in Heaven, I absolutely HATE losing to those bastards. Ugh. Onto the bullet points!
  • I sure hope we don't have to defend against a hail mary anytime soon as my heart just can't take it. But if we do, I'm sure the coaches will have Lorenzo line up at the goal line in that situation. If he's in front of that play, well then....
  • But really you have to start with Eason yet again. So I think I'll just embed what I posted on twitter last night:
  • That's the truth. Uncle Verne and Danielson kept on keeping on with the Stafford comparisons. I guess I get that in a way. But Eason is so very far ahead of Stafford. Even if you put aside the fact that Eason has long been the clear starter, the comparison really stops with the fact that they both enrolled early. 
  • I've mentioned before that Eason makes plays with both his arm and his head. Stafford, especially at this point in his career, was just an arm. A really, really sexy arm. But still, Eason has something more. 
  • Yes, he still looks like a freshman at times, but it's truly less and less each game. He's growing up fast. And I'm loving it!
  • The defense showed improvement. I'm going to stop short of saying it was a vast improvement because they still gave up big plays and had trouble containing Tennessee's best player.
  • But, they were better in coverage as I had predicted. And they pressured the quarterback consistently. Well, until we only rushed three with four seconds left.
  • Hey, we can has a field goal kick!!
I don't think there's much more to say other than the road ahead is much more manageable. That's not to say that there aren't challenges ahead. After all, this is still a young team with a young coach and a freshman quarterback.

But, even though we lost to that team from the inbred hills of tenersee, I feel good about where this team and this program is heading. Chubb played one play. they had a hail mary answered, and Catalina still hasn't been named as an accomplice to a murder. The sun is about to rise. And I'm already starting to get hungry for some chicken.