Friday, November 11, 2016

Remembering Bill Stanfill

Bill Stanfill has passed.

There's a reason I have that man on this site's masthead. He was relentless in his pursuit. He gave his all on the field of Glory.

Stanfill was all-SEC, all-America, all-World. Hell, he's most of the reason Spurrier hates Georgia so much.

If any of Kirby's defenders have half the heart of Bill Stanfill tomorrow night, they'll eat the heart out of an auburn player, spit it out on the sideline, and then raise their hand to go back into the game for more.

No doubt Erk has a seat ready for 77 in our Maker's Kingdom. But I doubt ol' Stanfill will rest there long before finding another fight to take a part in. He was a damn good Dawg. And despite the fact that I'm just slightly too young to fully appreciate his work tween the hedges, he'll be firmly on my mind as I find my seat tomorrow afternoon.

Go Dawgs!