Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Thoughts on beating Auburn, again

What a night. What a game!

My feelings driving in yesterday were that I was much more worried about containing their defensive line than I was the vaunted Auburn rushing attack. We have defensive players and coaches that have beaten that thing before. Plenty of times.

Which brings me to the player of the game. I can't explain why they came out in the second half slinging the ball, but it sure was nice to see Mo Smith make the play of the game. He was surprised as anyone to see the ball come his way, but took the opportunity and made a helluva play. Needless to say, without that we're probably gnashing our teeth a lot more over the offense's inability to score.

But the offensive gameplan I thought was solid. Sure, Chaney got too cute in the red zone, but in a game of field position (especially in the second half) he was able to slow Auburn's pass rush down by spreading the field and was able to get precious yards on the ground utilizing Sony and Chubb the way we've been waiting to see them used all season.

Speaking of field position, a couple of good Ramsey punts and kicking that sucker into the endzone on kickoffs gave the defense just what they needed: an uncomfortable and frustrated Auburn offense that never could produce a big play.

And kudos to the crowd too. In a season that has seen some ups and plenty of downs, they brought the fire and passion. Truly a great win for all involved. Go Dawgs!

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