Wednesday, March 30, 2016

But were all scooters parked legally?

The biggest news from both practice and Coach Smart meeting with the media yesterday was that defensive end Michael Barnett will (likely) only miss the rest of the spring and should be able to recover from his knee injury (an MCL sprain) in time to compete when camp resumes this August.

But a lot was made of yesterday being Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and none other than UGA Police Vice Squad Chairman hisself Jimmy Williamson in attendance at the Dawgs' practice. One of Athens' worst kept secrets is that there was no love lost between Williamson and Richt. And although I believe there was much more resentment residing in the heart of the former's than there was the latter's, I certainly can't recall Richt inviting our city, campus and county's finest inside the arena.

I think the gesture was mostly about showing the players that these guys are to be respected and appreciated for what they do in our community. But I also think it had a little to do with the new sheriff in town. So chalk that up as one more thing Smart is doing differently in and around Butts-Mehre.