Friday, April 22, 2016

Kirby throws McGarity under Luda's bus

It's up for interpretation as to exactly what Coach Smart is referring to here...

Managing the information that gets out for public consumption? Or managing the control that entertainers have over the program when you're four days from an empty GDay promise and they've got you over a barrel?

Regardless, didn't take long for the administration's honeymoon after the Kirby's Home!! presser to end.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Three takeaways from #93KDay

It was a great day. Beautiful weather. And enough red to give Athens a true Fall Saturday feel in April. I love it!

A couple days to digest everything and read up on others' reactions, I wanted to add a couple thoughts.

First, the greatest thing to hear was that the former Lettermen were coming to Athens in droves as well. Mark Richt did amazing things to reach out to former players and the community as a whole. As a former player Smart has a deeper attachment though. Sounds like his colleagues are responding as well as anyone to him being back home.

Next, I think a tight end just caught another pass!!

And last, the bar has been set. As Fletcher Page wrote, it's on the suits to keep up with Kirby's vision.