Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Lock the best quarterback we'll see the rest of the season?

Statistically he is just ahead of both Bentley and Stidham in yards per game. But Lock trails both in completion percentage.

It's worth noting that Saturday night was Lock's best game since Missouri opened against SW Missouri St. They knew their best shots were going to be deep against a young secondary. They missed a couple but made a few. It didn't help that we couldn't generate much of a pass rush.

Still, the end result was never in doubt because with an open playbook, Fromm tossing darts, and a steady bevy of running backs that could barrel over defenders or hurdle them, Missouri wasn't going to be able to stop the offense from scoring.

Florida (6th)
South Carolina (8th)
Auburn (4th)
Kentucky (11th)

That's the rest of our SEC schedule with the respective total defense conference rank. Somewhere in there is a game or two where the offense probably looks closer to what we saw in South Bend. In those kind of games it often comes down to quarterback play in the fourth quarter. And we all remember that Wimbush couldn't answer the call.

I like Fromm's chances to shine in that kind of moment. He showed how dangerous he can be Saturday with the whole play book opened up and receivers making catches instead of dropping them. As a result he leads the conference in yards per attempt.

Can Franks, Stidham, Bentley, or Johnson answer the call? Franks didn't really scare me until he also racked up 82 yards rushing in Saturday's loss to A&M. Glad Tucker has that film on his desk this week. Bentley and Johnson both take good care of the football, but they don't have a strong rushing game to open up those intermediate and deep routes consistently.

Stidham has a nice deep ball and is completing 65% of his passes. He trails only Fromm in YPA. He'll also be at home. I hope our defensive line can torment him the way Clemson did.

Although we've run through the first half of this schedule like a chain saw, these next few games are going to be a bigger test overall. Historically, Florida has been good at coming up with new wrinkles to generate offense in Jacksonville. I'm always thankful for this week off, but I'm already looking forward to seeing this Georgia team play football again!

Go Dawgs!

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