Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Thoughts on 72-3

That's our current SEC score differential. Seventy-two to three.

Holy mother of Herschel, we've given up one, ONE!!!, field goal in two conference games.

I'll be honest. I was indoctrinated way back in the early season of the Goff era. I don't know how to handle this. Do you strut around the neighborhood casually? Do you run naked through the downtown streets? Do you just allow the finebaum, espn, SECN personalities to shape your opinions?

I mean what do you do?

Ok, let's start with the recap.

- Tennessee sucked.
- So there's that. They have a great tailback but they couldn't use him effectively. Because their QB situation is trash, their wide receivers are trash, their OL was only somewhat serviceable, and their defense couldn't keep pace.
- Tennessee sucks.
- But more importantly we forced them to stand in the spotlight exposed as what they are - trash.
- They were trash last year. Not quite as rancid because Josh Dobbs use his non-eyebrows to keep opponents on edge. But they weren't SEC East champion material, obviously. We just couldn't expose them.
- Yesterday, they were exposed for what they are - a shitty football team with a dumbass coach.
- And that is the reality - Georgia is trending up, hard. While Tennessee is trending down, real, real hard.
- Seriously, if Tennessee hasn't fired that fake coach by the time this posts, their whole program is soft.
- What a joke. Our true freshman quarterback had a mediocre day and finished with two rushing TDs. Chubb only had 109 yards and no TDs, still they lost 41-0.
- In short, this is a dichotomy of tackle football teams. And there's no Hail Mary to bail their ass out this year.

I think Fromm made the most of what he could. I think the defense dominated an offense that was searching for answers. And I think the special teams proved that Tennessee prefers cheap boxed wine up the butthole.

It was a true road game team victory. One more business trip and a week off before the biggest game of the season. Beat Vandy!


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