Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sunday thoughts on the word Trust

Another business like road performance moves the Dawgs to 6-0, 3-0 for the first time since DJ Shockley’s final season. Unlike previous weeks when the defense has garnered the headlines, yesterday saw the offensive line leading the way as both Chubb and Michel eclipse the century mark and the team racked up 423 yards on 54 carries. Hell, Fromm himself averaged nine yards a carry.

And the opening drive for Georgia set the tone. Chaney asked his offensive line to open up the middle and they did just that, to the tune of seven plays for 83 yards ending with Chubb powering his way into the end zone on a 33 yard jaunt. It was an old football theory put to good use - run a play until they stop it.

The next thing that impressed me the most was the second string defense. Granted by the time they entered the game the outcome had long been decided and the Commodores were just a sad, tired bunch, but they played with the same attitude and desire that you see in the starters. So there was never an ebb in intensity from start to finish.

And that’s a characteristic of this team that should propel it into the heart of the schedule going forward. Fromm casually steps out of bounds short of the first down marker, gets an absolute earful from the head guy, goes back in and uses his feet to make a big gain even bigger by breaking a tackle for another five yards.

I hear the media already pointing to a showdown on November 11th with Auburn. That’s the kind of thing that worries you as a fan, hoping and praying the team can block that out. Today, I worry less though. I worry less because I trust the team and its coaches. How could you not after these first six games? 

These next three weeks are huge. Missouri showed signs of life in Lexington last night. Drew Lock is going to challenge this defense down the field. The off week will recharge the batteries before the WLOCP, a place that’s been begging for a culture change for decades.

I don’t know that we’ll enter November undefeated. But I do know that I trust this team will do everything to prepare, each day, each week, each game, and each down. 

And I know I like that feeling a lot. Go Dawgs!

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