Monday, May 8, 2017

"I think in order to truly succeed in life is dependent on how you truly transition in those seasons.”

This is real good stuff from Emerson on how Tra Battle has "transitioned" through Life's different seasons. He's the one former Georgia player to have been roommates with both Paul Oliver and Quentin Moses, so it hasn't been easy.
“In rationalizing death and grief, you do realize that the people who are no longer with us wouldn’t want you to meet them this soon,” Battle said. 
Jon Fabris, the former Georgia defensive assistant, had a saying that stuck with Battle: “Every man a brick.” So a brick by itself is nothing. It’s just a piece of clay. But when you get every member of the team mortared together, you can build skyscrapers, monuments, etc.
 “The things that were important to Q-Moses, from everyone that was close to him, you still have to continue that body of work,” Battle said. “For things that were important to P.O., in accountability to him, you have to continue that body of work. So the things that were important to those individuals, they have to become important to you.”