Saturday, September 2, 2017

Old enough to know better...

Having been baptized a Dawg fan in the wee hours of the Goff era, I reserve the right to retract what follows by halftime of the game tonight. Because I'm now officially old enough to have former college roommates that have children matriculating in Athens.

From waiting for Zeier to mature, then a Donna era "punchuated"* with one Kevin Ramsey as a defensive coordinator, followed by the bittersweet reign of Sir Mark Richt...yeh kids, I've seen some shit.

I'm no longer into predictions, but I'll never ignore certain feelings. And I think this 2017 campaign could be something special for us. Lord, let this evening lead us on a path from Athens through sites unseen like South Bend, through the treachourous swamps of Jacksonville, all the way to (hopefully) back to back games in Atlanta. Then beyond. We pray for those in Texas suffering unspeakable hardships. And please give our offensive line the spirit, foot speed, strength, and guts that Sony and Chubb deserve.

Amen, and Go Dawgs y'all!

Yep, We're ready!

* you old dudes that remember Ramsey quick exit get that joke