About BDB

Bernie's Dawg Blawg is not affiliated with the University of Georgia or any other institution or organization. It's use is meant solely for your utter boredom as well as a complement to your working knowledge of all things DAWG.

A Brief History
Bernie's Dawg Blawg originated as a weekly email sent to friends. It was usually on a Friday before a game and always had a prediction and outlook for the next day. One day a Reader evidently ran out of space in his inbox and suggested I start a blog. Therefore, Cord should be credited for the idea and the name. But he's a PacTenPuppy, so don't go overboard.

Here's the first official post that led us into an away game in Chickumbia. No real surprise that in September of 2008 I was most worried about our pass rush. Much has changed since then, but the essence of the blog is always the same - Go Dawgs!!

Just before the 2009 season, the Dawgbone returned to Cyberville and the hits kept coming. Now in its eighth football season, Bernie's Dawg Blawg is just between the uprights of 3.0 and 3.5 million page views. I would call that a modest yet surprising figure. After all, there's a number of people who thought I'd never amount to much. Still do in fact.

Supporting Cast
To make the blog even worse better than it was, I've enlisted a support staff that is top notch. First and foremost there is Nama who is mainly responsible for video support. His greatest piece of work is undoubtedly the South Carolina tailgate in September of '09 - Tailgatin' With Chicken.

Much of the day to day operations are held together by Darren the Intern. Darren was taken hostilely from a similar position within Kramerica Industries. His experience was legendary to say the least. 

Whenever there's a need to interview a college football personality, Williard is primed and ready. He's an undergrad currently in his 12th year working towards a degree in social economics. Yep, every day is Natterday in Williard's World.

Unlike Darren and Willard, Joe Waterloo is am actual real character who introduced me to Mr. Boston my sophomore year. In related news, academic probation is a fun place to get into...but has teeth that put a real pain in your ass getting out. Maybe you've heard of the International Man of Mystery...or The Most Interesting Man in the World...Joe Waterloo has drunk both under the table before driving away in his '83 RX7...with their girlfriends.

Features and Content
For the most part, I try to provoke thoughts and/or discussion on matters surrounding Georgia football. It's why we all bark so loud and why we bleed the way we do.When breaking news happens, I try to post something on it in a timely fashion. But given that this isn't truly a paying gig career-wise, sometimes real life gets in the way.

That being said, most posts are up about the time your coffee is ready. Regular featured posts include:
  • Monday's Meatloaf  -a collection of links backed up by a meaty goodness, usually something mildly humourous and sometimes simply a rant. When on vacay, the meatloaf turns into a margarita.
  • Friday Misery - nothing is more miserable than a Friday before gameday. The game is close enough to taste but you're still waiting for the table to get set. Put on your big boy pants, this one's rated PG-13.
  • Locker Notes - a Wednesday feature during the season where I use post-it notes to pep up the team before certain games. And as always, readers are welcome to add theirs too.
  • Sunday Thoughts - a collection of Sunday morning thoughts on Saturday's game.
  • Casual Friday - a loose conglomeration of thoughts. Doesn't happen every Friday, but when it does...no ties or dress shoes please.
  • Trivial Update - (mostly discontinued) a weekly update of my Twitter Trivia show, ThursdaysRTrivial. Come by and see what the question was, who got it right first and what the fabulous prize is.
  • GATA ____ - mostly an offseason feature where I pay homage to a Dawg great. It's a good way to Hunker Down as if you were conceived by Railroad Track people.
Socializing Medially
I'm on the Twitter regularly. Many of my 140 characters there are devoted to something red and black. I always tweet out any new BDB post and try to intertwine the Twitter account with my little blog here as much as possible. Other status updates are designed to be humorous which explains why so few of the millions of tweeters follow me.

Facebook is a headache mostly. But I have a fan page if you waste a lot of time reading this drivel and can wade through the farms and dead MobWars bodies. I've got some famous FBers that Like my blog such as Rex, Mike "Big Dawg" Woods...and my wife. I also have other things posted there like my bad photoshops and a list of sponsors. So feel free to join the party. But it's BYOB...remember, this blog ain't crapping cash...yet.

About Me
My (actual) name is Chris Burnette. I'm a member of the FWAA, Football Writer's Association of America. I'm an educator by day and thoroughly enjoy working with young minds to make the world a better, brighter place for our future. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I'm not always good at it, but I always try to be great. Other things I enjoy in no particular order- travelling, Seinfeld, tailgating, brewing beer, binge watching television shows, a good joke, a good bourbon, visiting Athens, my family.

Speaking of them, I'm the best husband my wife could find and the greatest dad my two beautiful girls have ever had. When we're not tailgating before the next game, we're listening to music, sharing jokes, and grilling something awesome on our porch. (Unless one of the kids' teachers is reading this, then they're upstairs doing their homework. Promise.) We have a chocolate lab named Munson that we rescued nine years ago. He likes to bark at cars, including mine whenever I return home from being awesome in public.

I live about an hour outside of Athens, which is where I grew up. I think about an hour away from The Classic City is as far as I could sustain my existence. I truly enjoy visiting the 40 Watt, Taco Stand, Creature Comforts, The Arch, Five Points, the Tree That Owns Itself, seeing what new business has cropped up on the East Side where I used to ride my dirt bike through the woods, old friends, new friends, the Georgia Theater, Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, the Varsity, Terrapin, the parking lot where I used to sell tickets to movies at the Classic Triple, First United Methodist Church, Sons of Italy for a slice, The Last Resort Grill...well, I could go on and on. What's your favorite Athens spot?

I'm a two-time graduate of the University of Georgia, first by the skin of my teeth during the Goff years in 1993 and then again as Richt was knocking the lid off the program in 2002.

Any questions, always feel free to ask. Leave a comment or use the internets to send me an electronic mail message, no postage required (yet) - berniedawg AT gmail DOT com.

Go Dawgs!